Range of Motion
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How the ROM Machine works?

 In one 4 minute workout, the QuickGym / ROM machine will give you 3 workouts in one: a strengthening workout, a cardio workout and a flexibility workout.

1.     Build muscle to lose fat

A lot of focus nowadays is put on weight loss. Diets and exercise programs promise to shed weight quickly. However the key to lasting weight loss is building muscle.

At QuickGym / ROM machine, we like to focus on fat loss, not weight loss. If you lose weight quickly, you are most likely also losing muscle tissue. This is the biggest reason for yo-yo weight loss and gain: if you lose muscle when trying to shed fat, you are also decreasing your metabolism, which is why the fat comes back so easily.

The QuickGym / ROM machine will help you build muscle, which increases your metabolism and leads to increased fat burning, and long lasting fat loss.

2.     The QuickGym / ROM machine provides a great cardio workout

The QuickGym / ROM machine promotes the improvement (or maintenance) of the cardiovascular system. The increased heart rate you have during your workout will improve your heart and lungs. Your heart will pump more blood with fewer beats and your lungs will transport more oxygen with less effort.

Erroneously, cardio and aerobics have become somewhat synonymous in exercise vernacular, and many think that it is necessary to do aerobic exercise (any activity that is performed at a low to moderate intensity for more than 90 seconds, allowing oxygen to release energy through metabolism) to get cardiovascular benefits.

However, anaerobic exercise (any activity that is performed at a medium to high intensity for a short duration where energy is derived without oxygen) will also increase cardiovascular function. So you definitely will get cardiovascular benefits through high-intensity, short duration workouts. You don't need to spend hours every week on a treadmill or stationary cycle to improve your cardiovascular function, just four minutes a day on the QuickGym / ROM machine will give you cardio benefits.

3.     Stretching and flexibility

Flexibility is defined as the allowed range of motion at any given joint throughout the skeletal and muscular structures. Along with the noticeable increase in physical performance, high flexibility also increases the blood flow and nutrient supply to the muscles during sustained physical activity. The workouts on the QuickGym / ROM machine put you through a larger range of motion than most traditional workouts, thus increasing your flexibility.

ROM Machine on The Doctors show VIDEO 




How does the ROM machine provide this workout?

The mechanics behind the QuickGym / ROM machine

The central component of the ROM machine´s effectiveness is its centrifugal brake located on the machine´s 85 pound flywheel inside the stainless steel hoop.

When you use the ROM machine, either by pushing or pulling the side arms on the front of the machine or using the pedals on the rear, the flywheel starts spinning. Thru the centrifugal force created by the spinning of the flywheel, the brake arm is forced outwards away from the center of rotation, hitting the stainless steel hoop. The friction between the brake pad and the hoop creates resistance.

The faster you spin the flywheel, the more resistance is created and the more difficult it becomes to spin the flywheel.

This is the key to how the ROM machine adapts to each user´s ability:

    • If you have a lot of strength, you are able to spin the flywheel very fast, creating more centrifugal force and thus creating more resistance. So the workout is harder for you. Over the course of the workout, you will tire from the effort of working against this resistance, and thus less resistance is created, matching your ability at that moment during the workout.
    • If you are out of shape or don't have a lot of strength, you won't be able to spin the flywheel as fast as someone with better conditioning, so less resistance will be created, and your workout, although not as hard as someone who is highly trained, will match your ability to perform the exercise.

The ROM machine continues to adjust the resistance at every moment during the course of the 4 minute exercise, matching the effort put in:

    • When a highly trained athlete runs out of steam of the ROM machine, he will no longer have the strength to overcome the resistance of the centrifugal brake at high revolutions and the braking action will automatically slow the flywheel down to lower revolutions at which the centrifugal brake will reduce the resistance to exactly match the diminished strength of the then drained athlete so he can finish the 4 minutes.
    • Less trained users can finish the 4 minutes with much more ease than highly trained individuals but they get a much lower performance score at the end of the 4 minutes.
    • Highly trained athletes on our ROM machine always want to quit after only 2 minutes because their highly trained muscle cells consume so much oxygen that it maxes out their cardio capacity very quickly. These highly trained athletes are so overwhelmed that they believe that it is impossible for them to go another two minutes and finish the total 4 minutes if they are already exhausted at 2 minutes. The ROM machine however will automatically reduce the workload when these athletes have reached their limit cardio capacity.

You will know that your performance has improved through the scoring readout on the machine's computer at the end of the workout. The ROM machine gives you a score at the end of the 4 minutes based on the average RPM (revolutions per minute) of the flywheel during the 4 minutes.

    • That score will gradually increase over weeks and months of using the ROM and the increase in the score reflects the improvement in your total physical condition. The score reflects the improvement of the condition of the combination of your cardio system, your muscle strength and your flexibility.

Will the workout get easier, the stronger I get?

    • When your total conditioning improves, the ROM machine workout never gets easier. It actually gets harder the more your total condition improves because you will be able to spin the flywheel faster and the centrifugal brake makes you work against higher resistance and you will get a higher score.

How can you possibly get a cardio workout in only 4 minutes per day with the QuickGym / ROM machine?

The QuickGym / ROM machine provides a high intensity, short duration workout.
The QuickGym / ROM machine puts you through cardio performed at such an intense level that your body will spend the rest of the day expending energy to recover from the workout. This is commonly referred to as EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) and it means that you consume a great deal more oxygen recovering from the exercise than you would have if you'd just done a steady-state workout like jogging or walking. This means that you will be burning up to nine times more fat while sitting on the couch later that night than you would have if you'd spent an hour on the treadmill at a moderate pace.

High intensity training, also known as HIT training, has a number of benefits in addition to the reduction in training time. First of all, this type of training is far superior to steady-state exercises when it comes to increasing your VO2 max, which is the maximum amount of oxygen you can uptake during exercise.

The explanation of the physiology behind the efficacy of the QuickGym / ROM machine is slightly technical and requires thorough reading to fully comprehend.

Time requirement for a cardio workout
The time required for an effective cardiovascular exercise depends on the degree of oxygen consumption during the workout. The greater the amount of oxygen consumption during the workout, the shorter the required duration of a cardio workout. In other words, the quality of the workout determines the time required. More muscle cells involved means higher oxygen consumption means less time required. In fact the time requirement is exponentially less when the oxygen consumption increases in a linear fashion. The QuickGym / ROM machine enables even totally out of shape people and seniors to achieve much higher oxygen consumption levels than with any other form of conventional exercise and therefore they can shorten their exercise periods while getting superior results.

The Myth of 20 to 45 Minutes
Most everyone believes (incorrectly so) in the myth that a cardio workout requires at least 20 to 45 minutes per day. The truth is that if you want to improve strength, flexibility and cardio vascular endurance, that you must do slight damage to each of these systems by putting a slight overload on them.

  • An overload on the muscles will create micro tears in the muscles that will cause the muscles to become stronger in the repair process.
  • An overload on the tendons will create small damage by creating a very mild tendonitis and that will create more flexibility during the healing process of the tendonitis.
  • An overload on the cardiovascular system is measured by way of total oxygen consumption during an exercise period. It can be low oxygen consumption during a long period of time or a very high oxygen consumption during a short period of time to reach the overload.

Increased Oxygen Consumption
An added advantage of a high oxygen consumption during a short time is that the length of time required for a cardiovascular workout becomes exponentially shorter with a linear increase of oxygen consumption.

Oxygen consumption is expressed in milliliters of oxygen per kilogram of body weight per minute (mlO2/kg/min). With conventional forms of exercise it is nearly impossible for the untrained general public to reach the high levels of oxygen consumption required for a short and effective cardio workout. With the QuickGym / ROM machine untrained individuals will easily reach the very high levels of oxygen consumption that require only minutes for an effective aerobic workout that yields the same or better cardiovascular benefits than the conventional 20 to 45 minute aerobic workouts practiced by the general public. To understand this, you need to read and understand the following lengthy technical explanation.